unit 3

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Recruitment Pages: 4 (1127 words) Published: October 14, 2013

Ted Mosby
Florida International University
AB299 :Associates Capstone in Management

The use of technology within human resource management has grown considerably over the last decade with the majority of organizations now using some form of HR information system, technology in HR has the potential benefits to increase productivity and enhance competitiveness; the effective use of technology is a key determinant of the successful management of human resource in organizations of all sizes. Technology has revolutionized the way HR functions from short listing to recruitment, performance management and even to psychometrics. Technology is getting more and more advanced with each day, and HR technology has been one of the area’s leading this change. At this point manual systems are vastly being replaced by programs, technology has become increasingly significant in HR that allow HR to not just handle employees’ leave and payroll, but also to track performance and plan HR strategy, such as the yearly increment process, performance evaluation, and maintenance of personnel and training records. The benefits are even more vastly than what was mention HR technology benefits are in the field of recruitment, performance management, virtual manpower, training & development. HR technology covers many spectrums of organization operations. Software used in HR management is essential for technology driven organizations to maintain and manage employee information such as selection and recruitment information, compensation and benefit plans, performance appraisals, tracking employee grievances, training and development participation, and more. Keeping the HR information systems current helps to streamline operating processes and offers a more efficient business model other than the antiquated applications used in the past. Recruitment: This has been aided by e-recruitment web portals were employers post their desired positions and qualifications needed...

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