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Assignment on E-Commerce IT357

B.Sc. (Honors) in Computing (UOP)

BSc (HONOURS) IN COMPUTING BSc (HONOURS) IN TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT & COMPUTING UNIVERSITY OF PORTSMOUTH Name Prakash Shrestha 180188090137 Aspect Max Critical evaluation of the issues/challenges that are faced in eCommerce, and how these compare to issues/challenges to the chosen developed country. 30 Critical evaluation of whether the payments infrastructure is capable of supporting eCommerce developments 20 Outlining the major critical success factors for eCommerce to be a success. Depth of strategy and proposal to assist future eCommerce development in the developing country. Referencing: In text references, and matching end text reference list, correct citations and appropriate texts. Language, comprehension and clarity, structure of essay (flow, sensible layout with introduction, conclusion and transitions) A well written essay! Considerable exploration of the situation in Nepal in comparison with the UK. Good use of statistics too. Payment system issues are highlighted with a good set of recommendations. CSFs seem valid although might have expected to see a few more (see comments). A sensible strategy is provided. The only significant issue with this essay is that Internet sources are not cited correctly, although it has been noted that every source used has actually been cited, including within text. Awarded












Prakash Shrestha | Hemis: 472124

Assignment on E-Commerce IT357

B.Sc. (Honors) in Computing (UOP)


• • • • • • Answer ALL questions. Marks will be awarded for good presentation, referencing and thoroughness in your approach. Make sure you have read the Turnitin instructions on the forum. NO marks will be awarded for the entire assignment if any part of it is found to be copied directly from printed materials or from another student. Ensure you have completed the following checklist. Complete this cover sheet and attach it to your assignment.

IGC coursework checklist MS word or RTF document (not PDF) Front cover attached Student number on every page Student number included in title Plagiarism check done in Turnitin Turnitin Score Score discussed with facilitator (if over 20%) Turnitin ID + URL (paste here)

Tick when included


Turnitin Id: 100095333 URL: http://www.turnitin.com/s_class_portfolio.asp?r=96.7720185949489& svr=4〈=en_us&aid=52391&cid=2729121 References:Quotes are referenced Reference list provided Has an ECF been submitted for any reason


Prakash Shrestha | Hemis: 472124

Assignment on E-Commerce IT357

B.Sc. (Honors) in Computing (UOP)

Student declaration: I declare that: I understand what is meant by plagiarism The implication of plagiarism have been explained to me by my institution This assignment is all my own work and I have acknowledged any use of the published or unpublished works of other people.

Student's signature: Prakash Total number of pages including this cover page. Submission Date Student's ID Student's Full Name Lecturer's Name 27/06/2009

Date: 27/06/2009

Due Date Class Code


180188090137 Prakash Shrestha


Alice Good


Marker's Name

Marks Awarde

/ 100


Prakash Shrestha | Hemis: 472124

Assignment on E-Commerce IT357 Abstract:

B.Sc. (Honors) in Computing (UOP)

This assignment paper mainly aims to identify the differences between the E-Commerce prevalence in UK and Nepal, and some various factors influencing so in both the countries. UK, being one of the developed European Countries, has diverse usage of ECommerce throughout its territory. According to recent survey, one fourth of total population of UK, take internet as an integral part of their life. Most of them use internet as a source of making online transactions, buying and selling goods...

References: B.Sc. (Honors) in Computing (UOP)
[Electronic Version] • E-Commerce in UK. Retrieved 20th June 2009 from http://ecuk.co.uk/docs/ec04072002_11.asp • Recent news of E-Commerce Boom in UK. Retrieved: 20th June 2009 from http://econsultancy.com/blog/1731-uk-e-commerce-solutions-market-worth400m-new-report . E-Commerce law in UK. Retrieved: 20th June 2009 from http://www.outlaw.com/page-431 E-Business, E-Payment, E-Readiness Issues. Retrieved: 20th June 2009 from http://www.nepalit.com/Rajib-E-Business Forum.pdf , http://www.nepalit.com/Rajib_Subba_Nepal_eFinance_Forum.pdf http://www.nepalit.com/e-readiness-report.pdf MIS Reports in Nepal’s Telecommunication Issues. Retrieved: 20th June 2009 from http://www.nta.gov.np/articleimages/file/NTA_MIS_25.pdf Recent ICT Statistics of UK. Retrieved: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/pdfdir/ecom1108.pdf 20th June 2009 from

Prakash Shrestha | Hemis: 472124
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