E-Business in the Future

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The future of E-business in the next ten years

By George (Hongjun Jiang)
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The future of E-business in the next ten years

1. General introduction of e-business
Human being is experiencing a great era of “e-everything”. According to Dave Chaffey, Electronic business (E-business) is “All electronically mediated information exchanges, both within an organization and with external stakeholders supporting the range of business process”.

E-business is one style of business which was a result of the development of computer and internet technology. What effect E-business has brought and will bring to us in the future?

2. The impacts are going on in serious areas:
Actually e-business has had and will continue a more or less impact on numerous sectors: People: buyers, sellers;
Public Policy: Taxes, Technical standards, Privacy issues;
Marketing and Advertisement: Market research, Promotions;
Support services: logistics, payments, security system development; All the above need governments and organizations to operate a international cooperation. That is to say, e-business will enhance the international and regional modulation.

3. The future possible models and problems of e-business 400 If we look back, during the process of developments, e-business has undergone curiousness, suspicions, high-speed process and reverse. However, as a new technology and new business style, more conveniences and benefits would be supplied to the public, in spite of some problems.

There are a great number of successful companies with different models, including: B2B, B2C, C2C and C2B. The following three styles will be possibly more popular in the future as it is closer to the customers.

A. Professional companies or website to supply a platform to buyers and sellers, no direct participation in buying and selling: One good example is eBay Inc., the biggest on-line auction and shipping...

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