E-Commerce and E-Business

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Assignment - 2012

Individual Assignment :
Management Information System – Electronic Business and Electronic Commerce Course Facilitator : Mr. James Situmorang
Due Date: Wednesday, June 27th 2012

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Praise constituent prayed to Allah SWT because of His grace writer can complete a paper entitled "Electronic Business and Electronic Commerce". This paper was submitted to fulfill the task subjects Management Information System. Writer thank all those who helped to make this paper can be completed in accordance with the time. This paper is far from perfect, therefore we expect criticism and constructive suggestions for the perfection of this paper. Hopefully this paper provides useful information for people and for the development of knowledge for us all.

Jakarta, June 27th 2012

Riri Afrianika

Executive Summary4
Definition of E-Business6
Relantionship between E-business and E-commerce7
Michael Porter’s Model8
Five Competitive Strategies9
Framework of e-commerce10
Why e-commerce different11
Model of E-business12
The effect of e-business13
Advantages and disadvantages14
Refrences text15

E-Business is one way that we can use to improve our business or starting a new business. Where simplicity we do not need to be made ​​to and fro just to meet other people. And pay millions of dollars just to spread and tell the people if we have a business. Future all-digital and faster access to information that has changed the paradigm of doing business. Traditionally managed business will experience some problems and can not be effectively developed. E-bussines help us in management and help improve productivity. E-commerce is a type of electronic business mechanisms that focus on individual-based business transactions using the internet (technology-based digital network) as a medium of exchange for goods or services between the two institutions (business to business) and direct consumers (business to consumer), through time and space constraints that had been a dominant stuff. At the time of fierce competition in the era of globalization, the competition is actually lies in how a company can take advantage of e-commerce to improve business performance and the existence of the core. With e-commerce applications, should the relationship between companies with other external entities (suppliers, distributors, partners, consumers) can be performed faster, more intensive, and less expensive than the conventional application of management principles (door to door, one-to-one relationship).


Today the world trade is no longer limited by space and time. High mobility of people demanding world trade is able to provide services and goods with instant according to consumer demand. To overcome these problems it now appears that the transaction uses Internet media to connect between producers and consumers. Transactions through the Internet is better known as E-Commerce and E-Business. In general, E-commerce can be defined as any form of trade / commerce of goods or services (trade of goods and service) by using electronic media. Apart from those mentioned above, these commercial activities are part of business activity. So, e-commerce is a part of e-business ‖. Therefore, in the growing...
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