Wal-Mart E-Business

Topics: World Wide Web, Management, Electronic commerce Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: July 12, 2006
In today's major organizations, e-business is imperative for their continuous growth. There are few private or public companies that is not on the World Wide Web. Wal-Mart is a company that banks on e-business. Being part web-based, helps to reach the consumers they usually will not receive business from. E-business can have a major influence and impact on all four functions of management.

Leading is a major part of e-business. One must establish a direction before one goes down that path. Wal-Mart decided to go in the direction of an online store. This enables customers that prefer online shopping to purchase what they need from the store online. This has been a very successful element in Wal-Mart's over all business, especially around the holidays.

Planning in an organization that utilizes e-business can be very time consuming. It is imperative that management considers additional marketing and advertising strategies for their web consumers when creating and revealing products. Like most major corporations, Wal-Mart has a website that allows one to view products in detail before purchasing. It is important to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible when shopping online.

Organizing is vital when operating an e-business. With in Wal-Mart's e-business is an organized structure meant to work on it's on. All aspects of the products, policies, purchase procedures, and etc are made crystal clear. In e-business it is imperative to have a system as such. With no actual human contact, a customer must feel comfortable making decisions on his or her own.

The controlling function of an e-business is what allows everything to operate smoothly. When "controlling" an e-business it is important to have professionals that understand how the system works. Wal-Mart has information technology experts that monitor the system to guarantee that the site is functioning properly. These experts, (compared to managers on a sales floor) must often adjust to new...
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