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Cooking Up Trouble

By werty560 Oct 14, 2014 355 Words
 Bryan Yu
Period 2

Data Table

1. It showed that fermentation started to occur once the oxygen is gone, and the yeast will respire anaerobically. It is proven once it smelled like alcohol. 2. Aerobic respiration occurs in the presence of oxygen, CO2 and water are produced, and occur in plant and animal cells. In Aerobic respiration, glucose is broken down into CO2, H20 and ATP; more ATP is released (38). Anaerobic respiration happens in the presence of no oxygen and occurs in many anaerobic bacteria and in muscle cells. During this respiration, either lactic acid or alcohol is produced. Glucose is broken down into Lactic Acid and ATP; very little of it is released (2). 3. The mitochondria has an outer and inner membrane. Cristae are the folds of the inner membrane and the matrix is the cytoplasm of the mitochondria. 4. The increase in the number of cristae is significant because the increased surface area of reaction helps produce more ATPs. 5. ATP a molecule that stores all of the energy that comes from food. 6. The products of Glycolysis are a net gain of 2 ATPs and 2 NADHs. The next step becomes the Krebs cycle, which uses oxygen. Pyruvic acid is passed along into this stage and is broken down into CO2. NAD+ is converted into NADHs and FADH2s, which are high-energy electrons that can be used to create a large sum of ATP. From there, the Electron Transport Chain then converts the high-energy electrons into ATP and H2O. 7. The Krebs cycle occur in the matrix while ETC occurs in the inner membrane of the mitochondria. 8. Thirty six ATP molecules can be produced from one molecule of glucose. 9. There was a net gain of 2 ATP molecules in glycolysis.

10. There were 2 ATP molecules produced in the Krebs cycle.
11. There were a total of 36 ATP production in the ETC.
12. Pyruvate is half a glucose molecule.
13. Two pyruvates are produced from one glucose molecule.
14. The chemical formula of glucose is C6H12O6
15. The chemical formula of pyruvate is C3H6O3

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