Construction Law

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CIDB Contract Form
PAM Form
PWD Form
1. Nominated Sub-Contractors
a) A Nominated Sub-Contractor means a person or specialist contractor with the Contract to be employed by the Contractor for the execution of work or supply of goods materials or services for which a Prime Cost has been inserted in the Contract. a) The following provisions shall apply where P.C Sums are included in the Contract Bills or the results of given in regard to the expenditure of Provisional Sums in respect of a Person to be nominated by the Architect to supply and fix materials and goods or to execute work.

b) If any alternative design to the sub-contract drawings or sub-contract leaves any matter of design, the Nominated Sub-Contractors and not the Contractor shall be responsible to ensure that sub-contract works are fit its purpose. a) The Superintending Officer shall obtain tenders for Nominated Sub-Contractor’s work or services or the supply of materials or goods in respect of which Prime Cost Sums or Provisional Sums are included in the Bill of Quantities and the Contractor shall on the written instruction of the superintending officer enter into such sub-contracts with the Nominated Sub-Contractor as the case may be and such sub-contracts shall be in the form as referred.

b) The Superintending Officer shall not nominate as a sub-contractor in connection with the works: i) A person against the Contractor shall make in writing within 21 days from the date of the Superintending Officer’s instruction. ii) A person who will not enter into a sub-contract with terms and conditions as provided in Government standard form of sub-contract for Nominated Sub-Contractor (Form PWD 203). 2. Payment to Nominated Sub-Contractors

a) In any application for payment pursuant to Clause 42 which is payment, the Contractor shall include amounts claimed by the Nominated Sub-Contractor in respect of any work executed or any equipment, materials or goods delivered under the respective...
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