Compare and Contrast Essay Example

Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Mountains vs. Beach
“Vacation”, one of the greatest words ever invented. Warm weather with the sand between your toes, or snow falling and your snowboard boots tied tight. Generally the two places that people decide to vacation at are the beach, or snowy mountains. Though both places are extremely different, they also have the biggest similarity that there is its vacation! The weather, the activities to partake in, and actual locations of each are the major differences in these two vacation ideas. Which would you prefer? The beach, enough said. The warm weather, the rumble of the ocean, the smell of the salt water, warm; sometimes hot sand between your toes, and a perfect tan. Now this is what I would call a vacation. Generally, the weather is warm so you can travel light to your favorite vacation spot because you’ll only need to pack shorts and tank tops which will help you not pay the extra baggage fees for having your luggage be too heavy. Where the weather is hot, there is always AC around, whether you’re driving to the beach, you have it in your car, or while you want to go shopping, there is always a place to escape the heat. Getting a tan, a real tan, not a tanning bed tan, because, it is obvious whether your tan is real or fake. Most people from New England lack the right amount of Vitamin D that is needed, but being able to lie in the hot sun for just a couple hours is not only relaxing, but rewarding for your body. Not to mention, everyone always looks better when they’re tan! Snowy mountains are ideal for some people, but not for me. The snow is cold, wet, and inconvenient which is totally unlike the beach! Vacationing in the mountains consists of packing at least two suitcases of snow clothes, jeans, coats, sweatshirts, and thermal wear. Which all sounds like a heavy load, and if you’re flying to your vacation spot could pose as a problem for the weight of your luggage. A lot of the people who vacation in the mountains and where the snow is usually...
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