The Beach vs the Mountains

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Vacationing at the beach and the mountains

When looking to embark on a vacation there are many options but the most common two are typically the mountains and the beach. Both of these vacationing spots offer a large variety of activities. The beach offers things that the mountains cannot and visa versa. The weather plays a factor along with the time of year your planning on taking a vacation to either of these destinations. Each location has specific options while you’re on vacation and this essay will compare and contrast the beach to the mountains.

The climate plays a large factor in determining your vacation to the beach or mountains. The mountains are typically a lot cooler maybe not the freezing point but always not far from it and could potentially see snow for a large part of the winter. As far as the beach goes during the summer it is scorching hot in the sun and usually cools down a small amount for the winter. The higher you go in elevation in the mountains the chance for potentially colder weather and large amounts of snow increases. If you travel further south for a beach vacation things such as humidity and heat increase largely. People who like the cooler climate should look vacationing to the mountains. The beach has much warmer weather so if hot and taking a sunburn home with you is what your interested in your vacation spot is the beech.

The variety of activities is endless within both of these vacation spots. The mountains have a wide range of things to do if you vacation during the winter. Such activities are snowboarding; skiing, tubing, ice skating, hiking and mountain biking. All activities are weather permitting. Most beach locations offer such activities as parasailing, swimming, boating, fishing, surfing, and sun tanning. The weather at the beach is much easier to plan around because it usually mild or hot. Mountain weather is typically cold during the winter and most summers are cool...
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