Personal Narrative: My Growing Up In Maine
Topics: Atlantic Ocean, Family, Breakfast / Pages: 3 (716 words) / Published: Sep 19th, 2016

Growing up in Massachusetts, meant there were plenty of beautiful places to explore each summer. You could go North to Maine, Vermont, or New Hampshire., or maybe South to Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard. While I did vacation in all of those places, my favorite place was in Maine, Pemaquid Point. My adoptive grandmother, Mary had been going there up to Pemaquid Point ever since a young age. Once my sister and I were old enough, we were invited up and would spend weeks throughout the summer up there. While we were up in Pemaquid Point, there was one main places we would go: Thompson Cottages. We had a reserved rental each year at Thompson Cottages. I remember driving up the gravel path past the main house. Almost a half mile down the road past the main house, cottages begin to appear on each side of the road. On …show more content…
It was also the last place I saw my Grandmother Mary alive for the last time. We did not find out about the death until 5 months after, so this special place holds my last memories of her. Even after the death, my mother, sister and I continued the family tradition of going up and renting a cottage that the family has been staying in for years. Taking my best friends there would be very special, some of my favorite memories are held at this place. I spent many weeks in my childhood summers at this place, exploring with my sister and falling in love with the place. Being at the cottages feels like being home. I have had some of my best memories there, I remember the feeling so excited as I would jump along the rocky coast, scaring my mother half to death, but it being the best time of my life. And the water was always freezing, yet it never stopped me from running in just because I could. There is not any cell service or Wi-Fi at the cabins which was very nice. It meant we were able to do family activities, like a game night or going out to dinner, without being

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