Holidays and Ideal Vacation

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My ideal vacation would have to star with the weather being nice and warm. The place I would like my ideal vacation to be on a sandy beach with no parents to be annoying and boss me around. I would take a couple of my really good friends that I hang out with all the time. It wouldn’t have to plan anything on this trip or have to book anything it would all be ready to go.  The food and everything we need would not cost a penny. The hotel we would be staying at would be a five star resort and the best around. We would have the best room in the whole hotel and it was be amazing. In our room would be an indoor pool to begin with. The hotel room would be the size of a house and it would have flat screen televisions, cable, laptops, and high-speed internet and a hot tub in every bathroom. There would be a huge kitchen so we could cook and it would be stocked with all the great food we like. 

Next, to our huge room would be a spa that is open to us all day and night. That day we could go to it whenever we wanted. The spa people would treat us like royalty and they would wait on my friends and I hand and foot. We would go to the beach and tan and relax because it only allows my friends and I. The beach also would have a huge snack bar and board walk. The second floor of our hotel would have a huge mall with lots of cool stores that we like. We would be able to get any shoes, clothes, and anything else we wanted for free.  We would stay as long as we want and do whatever we want and have no rule. That is what my ideal vacation would be and yes it will never happen.

        My ideal vacation was to explore, and see Alaska’s greatness, for the first time. The glaciers are real floating pieces of ice, the mountains are majestic, and the ocean is ice deep dark blue. There are waterfalls, and don’t miss the much talked about Northern Lights.  There is also a lot of preserved undomesticated land with wild horses and habitat.  Nothing could be further from the truth when you think of all the things people say about it coming true. Everything is wondrous; the air is very fresh.  You can’t help but absorb the mountain fresh air through your body. Stepping into Alaska is like stepping into an internal spa unit. All great vibes surround you. Now that’s a worthy vacation to me, one where you feel the difference inside and out.           What makes these things so great is that they are a permanent fixture of this earth. There is beauty enough to last through one’s life.  The glaciers and mountains will last longer than any brick building or house.    When I was in the eighth grade, I remember walking to school during the winter, and it was so cold I developed icicles on my eyelashes. It was not cold enough for the schools to close. And snowshoes were not needed because I walked on a path, but having actual icicles on my eyelashes was more fun than having a snowball fight, and cool.           The impact of that great vast land of preservation on my life is permanent. Once you see it, you will always remember how big that bear or moose was you saw, or how blue that ice was the glacier was made out of. Sometimes when I’m in the city I still confuse the tall buildings with what I thought was a mountain. And when you compare city life to terrain life, it’s very similar.  The obstacles are the survivals of mother earth, instead of products of mankind.  

One of my favorite family traditions is summer vacation. Every summer without fail we go on vacation. For the past ten years we have been going to Disney World with our family friends the Battaglia's, so it has turned into a tradition up until last summer when we broke our florida adventure to go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

     We have been going on vacation with the Battaglia's for so long for a very good reason. It is because everyone gets along. My mom, Mr. Battaglia and Mrs. Battaglia are very good friends. Ronnie Battaglia, who is 19, is my best friend and we get along great. My...
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