Vacation in Hawaii

Topics: Hawaii, Renting, Hawaiian Islands Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: March 19, 2014
Vacation is such a nice word to listen, write, and specially to be experienced. It makes our mind to think of a place that will surely attract and magnetized to stay. A spacious area that contains the magnificent environment that provides relaxation and enjoyment to anyone. Hawaii is the best example of the place where enjoyment and relaxation can be felt. During my stay in Hawaii, all I can say is” Awesome!”, because they offered to me the satisfying rental with the best accommodation and amenities. Speaking of accommodation, the Hawaiian vacation rental I chose gave me the feeling that I rented a luxurious hotel. With the perfect location fronting the beach with fully furnished rooms surrounded by refreshing flowers and has an historic design of Hawaii history. And as the sun falls down replaced by the luminous moon, the bed is ready offering the pillow made of Hawaiian-linens. As the sun rose, I ate my breakfast in a Hawaiian restaurant serving delicious delicacies. After eating my breakfast, I decided to sit near the seashore while thinking how great Hawaii is. And without any hesitation I jumped up wearing my swimming short. When I was satisfied swimming. I decided to roam around and looked for a shop to buy some souvenir as remembrance of visiting the awesome island of Hawaii. Then, I go back to my rental and took some rest. I woke up observing the amenities of rental that I chose for my stay. With the swimming pool and spa offered, no one can deny the excitement including myself. I chose the spa that would made my body relaxed, letting you chose the masseuse was the awesome part of the spa session. The last thing I did during my vacation in Hawaii was memorable. I walked around and found out a couple of people gathering to watch the Hula dancers. The dancers showed a wonderful and unforgettable performance that made me realized how great Hawaii is. I spent my whole night taking pictures to other and to the dancers. In the morning, I packed up my things...
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