Personal Narrative: My Trip To Wyoming

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My Trip to Wyoming

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! Went the airplane as we took off at the St. Louis Airport. We were headed to Cody, Wyoming, for a horseback riding adventure in the mountains.
I was with my dad. The plane trip was pretty boring to be honest, but boy was i sure happy when we got to cody. We checked into the Irma Hotel and found our room. We then went and ate lunch at a great mexican restaurant. Since it was nearing the fourth of July, (it was July Third.) The restaurant had red, white, and blue tortilla chips. After that we went back to the hotel and relaxed. I played games on my ipod as my dad watched TV.
At six o’clock we went outside the Irma Hotel and watch a GUN FIGHT!!!!! The people just shot blanks at each other so
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Half way through the ride it rained and I was freezing!!! We made it to camp and dried ourselves off. We then stayed another day at the camp. We did this at every camp for three days. The food at each camp was amazing. I even made mule buddies with Freddy, Jeckel, and Festus!
The only thing I did not like was the fact I did not shower for three days and it was really gross. The other thing was that it rained every day except one. The last night there was a double rainbow!! There was a mountain top off in the distance and it looked as if though the the sun was shining Just on that mountain top. The Double Rainbow was over the mountain top. And then picture a bald eagle flying through the double rainbow!!!!! It was a beautiful sight.
On our way out we saw the tetons, they were really rugged mountains. When we got jackson we went to our hotel and relaxed. I took a shower and felt so clean it was awesome!!!! We then walked around and went into different shops that had clothes and other stuff. We bought a few things as presents for the family!!! We then went back to hotel and relaxed, and got everything ready for the next day. We went out to dinner to a wonderful Sushi bar that had many kinds of sushi. We ate Cowboy Sushi and Firecracker Sushi. I also got salmon sliders.After we ate dinner we went to an ice cream shop called MooMoo’s Ice Cream!!! I had cheesecake ice cream in a waffle cone it was

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