Community Spirit - Evaluation

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The quality of your written communication will be assessed in this evaluation.

You need to reflect on your performance and evaluate the products that you have created.

You should use the reviews you produced in Activities 1, 2 and 3 to help you.

The set of products

Write an evaluation of each of the products you have produced for this CAB: Logo
Track list
Audio clip
‘Community Spirit’ event model
Digital advert
Animated banner

For each product you should discuss:

Who was the audience
What was the purpose
its fit for audience and purpose
feedback you received on the final version
what improvements did you make from the feedback
Ways in which it could be further improved.

Your own performance

Write an evaluation of how you performed when working on this CAB.

You should discuss:

how you managed your time
the skills that were most useful to you in making your work successful how you overcame any difficulties you encountered
what you could have done to make your work more successful
what your teacher said about your work and how you responded to their comments what your test buddy said about your work and how you responded to their comments Your performance as a test buddy and how you could have been more helpful.



The audience is the local community, and the purpose was to show how people get their selves together with community spirit. My logo is fit for purpose, because people holding hands are a sign of friendship and unity. A perfect example for a community, where you can trust each other as a community. The feedback I’ve received from my teacher was the following: Clear, stands out and is easily recognised. However the size of the logo is very big so you need to reduce dimension so that it will fit into all your products. As the result of the feedback I did the following changes: changed to the image size which was bigger before because of the Photoshop format. Other ways that I could improve my logo is by changing the strapline colour to a darker colour which can be easily read.

Track list:

The audience is the DJ, the purpose is to give entertainment to the people that come to the event by giving good music for the people, the track list is fit for purpose because it contains songs that makes people move, euphoric type of songs which is more likely to be expected in the event. I received the following feedback: My test buddy said: “it is nicely sorted into alphabetical order. You only need to change the colour in the top bar.” As a result of the feedback I decided not to change anything other than the colour of the heading. The way I could further improve my Track list is by adding a key for the initials R.P (Rock and Pop) so that way the DJ understands the genre of the songs that he is playing.

Audio clip:

The audience is local community and the purpose is to bring awareness of community spirit, it is fit for the audience because, it gives info about where, when, how and why. The feedback I’ve received was the following: “Was a good combination of words and music, all information that people needed to get in the event, was really good , but the background sound was a bit loud.” What take as result of the feedback was the following: I lowed the background volume down so that way people could hear my voice and the song at the same time. The way I could improve my audio clip is by maybe changing the background sound to something more suitable for the occasion.

‘Community Spirit’ event model:

The model audience was designed for the event organisers to make sure that everything is working correctly and if it doesn’t work the way the organiser expected, he can try the ‘what if’ function available in the event model. The feedback I received at that time is the following: “My teacher said I don’t have any “what if” scenarios and I should make...
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