catering theory 2

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Assessment Tips:

Assessor must demonstrate his/her interaction with the POE through the use of ticks on responses to activities provided by the learner.

Feedback comments on areas where the assessor believes need commenting must be done in the POE as well as the assessment feedback documents.

Areas of superior performance must be noted in the POE as well as areas of lack or insufficiency.

Using this document:

Guiding answers are in italics and in a different shade.

Areas where the document provides ‘pointers for assessor’ – the assessor must take note of the variations being raised and potential different routes that learners can possibly take which are either acceptable or unacceptable as precise evidence.

Structuring Your Portfolio of Evidence File

Unit Standard: 116364

In order to assist you we have listed each activity by page.

Remove these documents and place them in your POE file.

As you will see the content of each section is listed and we have also given you some tips on what should be contained in the section.

Please read the activity question carefully and make sure that the evidence you select is what is asked for. Failure to do so will result in the assessor returning your POE to you for additional information.

When submitting evidence, please make sure that you write a short report as to why you have selected this evidence so that the assessor can see the evidence in context.

Please ensure that the evidence supplied is your own work

The Structure of the Assessment
The assessment of this unit standard will take place in the form of formative and summative assessments.

Formative assessments as well as preparation towards the summative assessment should be conducted during the contact time in class.

Assessment Criteria
In assessing submitted work, the following will carry weight: Originality of the work presented;
Knowledge of the preparation and analysis of municipal financial reports; Insight into the application of municipal financial reports; Ability to analyse identified problems and identify possible solutions; Comprehension of the subject content; and

Ability to organise assignment content in a logical and structured manner. Assessment Methods/Strategies
The assessment of this module will be conducted in a form of formative and summative assessments. Formative assessments comprise of activities to be conducted in class as well as a presentation to be presented during the last day of facilitation. The summative assessment comprises of the submission of a Portfolio of Evidence by each learner on the activities included in the manual.

NB: Please note that although formative assessment will take place in class when you are working with your fellow learners, it is important that you ensure that you are an active part of the discussion or activity.

You will be required to include your notes in your POE. It will also be advantageous for you to review and add to your notes before placing them in your POE. It is your responsibility to prove that you are competent against the unit standard

Divider 1:

Section 1: Background Information

1. Your CV

2. A Certified Copy of Your ID

3. Your Organisational Profile
NB: This refers to a brief overview of your council and its main focus regarding products / services.

4. Departmental organagram
NB: Your departmental organagram enables the assessor to see where you fit into the municipality. Highlight your position in the department.

If you do not work in the municipal finance department but serve on a related committee, then indicate the portfolio or section in which you serve.

5. Your Job Profile

6. Your motivation for completing this programme

Pointers for assessor:
Assessor need to ensure that all required documents are filed by the learner for this divider. Failure to do so is a failure to display some of the CCFOs...
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