Assignment 202

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Task A

Confidentiality and sharing information
Ensure enquiries are giving out to the appropriate persons.
Data Protection Act
Equality and diversity

Whistle blower in any case of harm and abuse.

Respecting the individual rights of others at all times.
Health and safety

Risk assessment should be made in the work area.

Protect yourself and clients from harm and abuse.
Personal development

Continual search for knowledge and confidence.

Personal reflection on own work to observe development.
Safeguarding and protection

Monitor hazard, health and safety risks while working, ensuring clients are kept safe at all times.

Check that people who are present have a right to be there. (DBS and name badges for professionals)
Explain what a PDP is, and what it should include.

Personal development planning is a process that helps an individual to reflect on their learning activity, performance and achievements on a job, helping them to better themselves and achieve personal educational and career development leading to more competence, effectiveness and safe practices.

PDP should include but not limited to:
1. Reflection: continually monitoring owns knowledge and skills; attitude, how well one does and what could be improved.
2. Recording: ones ideas, thoughts and experiences. It could be pt in writing, or use of audio. 3. Action planning: goals are better achieved when there is a set plan, so it’s a good thing to set out a plan of your own.

4. Executing: basically carrying out the activities set out in the plan. 5. Evaluation: this gives a view on how well you have been doing, you could ask for feedback from care manager or colleagues.

Identify three people who might be involved in providing information and feedback for a PDP ● Manager
● Team Leader
● Other Colleagues or Professionals
Avii List three different ways your own learning and development might be supported. ● Training
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