Action Research

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Action research
Action research is basically learning by actions .It is where a group of people spot a problem, make an effort to resolve it, see how fruitful their efforts were, and if not pleased, attempt once more. Action research design is the step by step ways of handling an action research problem. Discussion

Components of Action Research Design
I. Problem formulation- This involves defining a problem and narrowing it down to a small number of queries to be answered e.g. Initiative to improve counseling facilities. II. Action planning-This involves collecting of credible information which is useful to your course of action e.g. using counseling records of the past to get basic data III. Data analysis –This involves understanding of the data collected and choosing the finest mode of action. IV. Evaluation –This involves studying the results of the course of action by inviting other people to learn from your practice and judging their reaction to it. V. Action planning-This involves discovering the general findings and putting them into practice to solve the problem. Basically it involves testing the findings and noting if it will bring about good counseling services to a certain area. VI. The above processes are repeated till a lasting solution to the problem is found. TRUSTWORTHINESS

In order for action research reports to be genuine and precise it should be accessible to the people for professional and public judgment. Action research acknowledges judgment based on a person’s feeling rather than the quality of the objective thus ensuring freedom from bias. Hence, assurance in trustworthiness of data can be attained because of the participant verification in the action research process. RESEARCH ETHICS

When the results are fed back to participants in the field, the participants feel the possession of the information and are able to feel how the findings are widely distributed .This an example of a good research ethic...
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