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Topics: Special education, Writing, The Child Pages: 3 (625 words) Published: January 8, 2014
Classroom observation – ks2 – literacy

I have carried out a classroom observation on 3 children in year 3. Prior to the observation I asked for permission from the teacher in charge of the class. I will be using pseudonyms to replace the children’s names in line with confidentiality procedures. Any information I have gained will be kept for use within my study and not shared with anyone who is not connected with my studies in line with date protection. Children’s profile

Child A, male - age 7 - Ks2 – with special educational needs. Child B, male - age 7 - Ks2 – with special educational needs. Child C, male - age 7 - Ks2 – with no special educational needs. Introduction

The topic for the lesson is “Can I write an information book?” The children are learning about fair-trade and chocolate and are asked to discuss the layout of a piece of information text and write an about how chocolate is made. I will be looking at the children’s ability to: - 1, Listen and follow verbal instructions. 2, The child’s use of spoken language. 3, The ability to work as a team. 4, The ability to work independently. OBSERVATION

Child A
Child B
Child C
Able to follow verbal instruction.

Good use of spoken language.

Able to work as a team.

Able to work independently.

Children in year 3 would be expected to be able to...
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