Topics: Meaning of life, Producer, Ideology Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: May 9, 2015
1. Analyze how the advertisement of Sagawa Express is produced. Please 1) identify signs and their meanings and 2) what kind of ideologies connect those signs. (More than 300 words) [30 points]

There are many signs in this advertisement. Firstly, we can see there are many words on the bottom of this poster. From all the texts, we can get this advertisement’s target is the business company and it emphasizes that they are professional by writing “プロ” with bigger font. People who take the dominant position will believe in it, but those who take the negotiated position or opposition position will doubt it or even think they are showing off. Secondly, part of the poster’s background is quite dark. The tall dark buildings show Sagawa Express has working experience in big cities. Using black horses is a very creative idea, because comparing with cars; horses can run quickly and much more flexibly. However the sky is really shiny and it implies that they will bring business companies a bright future. Standing on the dominant position, we can say that Sagawa Express works as a professional team. The shining sky and stuffs among the dark part make them look cool and gives an image that they are strict with themselves. On the contrast, people can also take negotiated position and opposition position, since horses do not match the background of big city which makes the poster look strange. Also, it is hard for people to understand the meaning of this advertisement at the first sight. Thirdly, the same uniform which these stuffs are wearing shows they work as a team and they are always ready to do their work. The man at the forefront may be a leader whose team member also includes one woman. He gives his hand which means inviting business companies to work with them. So we can tell the producer wants to build a friendly and trustful image of Sagawa Express. Also, they want to express that women can also work in Sagawa Express, but it is still easy for people to oppose it...
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