Business 110

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Chapter 10 Review (Even)

2. Both of the Hawthorne Studies experiments resulted that if employees are happy and satisfied with their work, they’re motivated to perform better. Lights and group pressure only slightly affected the test groups. 4. Herzberg’s theory is broken into two dimensions, Satisfaction and dissatisfaction. The elements that affect satisfaction are achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, growth, and the work itself. The elements that affect dissatisfaction are supervision, working conditions, interpersonal relationships, pay, job security, company policies, and administration. 6. The equity theory is a theory of motivation based on the premise that people are motivated to obtain and preserve equitable treatment for themselves. According to the theory everyone establishes their own level or equitability, based on what they see around them. Our perception is an input to outcome ratio. 8. The key motivation techniques are Management by objectives, job enrichment, behavior modification, flextime, Part time work and job sharing, telecommuting, employee empowerment, and employee ownership. Management by objectives is a motivation technique in which managers and employees collaborate in setting goals. Job enrichment is a motivation technique that provides employees with more variety and responsibility in their jobs. Behavior modification is a systematic program of reinforcement to encourage desirable behavior. Flextime is a system in which employees set their own work hours within employer-determined limits. Part time work is a permanent employment in which individuals work less than a standard week. Job sharing is an arrangement where two people share one full time position. Telecommuting is working at home all the time or for a portion of the work week. Employee empowerment means making employees more involved in their jobs by increasing their participation in decision making. Employee Ownership is a situation in...
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