British Imperialism Essay Example

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Jordan Shiber
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European Imperialism in parts of the Middle East, Africa, and Asia had a more positive impact on the world. The three main reasons I say this is one, Europeans truly thought they were doing good by imposing on other countries. They thought buy bringing in new cultures and traditions the country would be better off and it would benefit them and the country there are imposing on because both countries would be together and the country taking them over would have new and useful resources and the country being taken over would be a part of the European success and gain new ideas and a way of life. Jules Ferry said, “something else is needed for France:…that she must also be a great country exercising all of her rightful influence over the destiny of Europe, that she ought to propagate this influence throughout the world and carry everywhere that she can her language, her customs, her flag, her arms, and her genius”. (Beck 351) This translates to basically the definition of assimilation, or influencing a country using your customs, traditions, and way of life. Second, European countries were more modernized than African countries so by invading they are helping to modernize Africa. Just look at Africa today compared to back then especially South Africa, they are extremely modernized other than the desert parts. Lastly, the invasion of European countries gave the Africans more job opportunities which helped their economy.

Before I get into the individual countries positive affects, think about Social Darwinism or basically survival of the fittest. If a country is too weak to defend itself and another country can take it over and successfully run the country, they should be able to without any complaints. To start off, the Europeans thought that they were actually good by invading Africa and imposing their ideas on them. They thought by bringing in new ideas and traditions it would actually benefit the Africans. Also, really...
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