Book Review on Sanchar Mimamsa

Topics: Communication, Communication studies, Hinduism Pages: 3 (754 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Book: Sanchar Mimamsa
Author: Nirmala Mani Adhikary
Publication: Media Educators Association of Nepal
Pages: 33
Date of publication: 2068(2011 AD)

“Sanchar Mimamsa” composed by Nirmala Mani Adhikary puts forth communication Studies and process from the perspectives of vaidika Hindu amid western theories and models of communication. The book brings to light,’Sadharanikaran theory and model as per propounded by Adhikary himself. It is quite unique and interesting, reading theories in verses. The theory and model have been described in Jhyaure laya. We all know, communication was an indispensible practice since we came into an existence. Though unfortunately and fortunately, it was twentieth century, a communication study was accounted as a discipline. Communication studies though, are rooted back to ages back, according to the Vedic Hindu perspective. Sadharanikaran is rooted back to 4th BC. The theory was illumined once again after J.S Yadava and I.P Tiwari brought Sadharanikaran into limelight around 1980s. Adhikary, who continued his research on the theory, came up with a model in 2003. ‘Sanchar Mimamsa’ is all about Sadharanikaran and its elements and goal of attaining sahridayata, ultimate goal on Sadharanikaran process. Sadharanikaran as a process is an asymmetrical process, where senders and receivers become sahridayas, directed to attain sahridayata, thus establishing mutual understanding between them. Sahridayata as a concept is a state of “common orientation, commonality or oneness” where senders and receivers’ ultimate goal is to make Sadharanikaran process successful or to become one in communication process. Sanchar Mimamsa is classified into 3 parts while verses are divided into 5 parts. First one puts forth the possibility of getting problem solved. Through communications, not merely human, also animals and other creatures involve in communication in pursuance of life and peace. Second part affirms the significance of theories and model in...
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