Differences between efficient and effective communication

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Communication is essentially a dialogue between the sender and the receiver of a message. It may involve ‘giving’ or information ‘passing.’ It is defined by other scholars as the transference of information from one mind to another. Communication forms the basis of all human endeavors and all interactions occurring in nature, it is a tool with which people express themselves clearly. For instance Kanyama (2011:16) calls it the power of assertiveness with which young people express their desires, expectations and feelings sparkling an interest to other parties to know who they are and what they stand for. Communication is a continuous process involving exchange of ideas. Jain(2009) puts it this way, ‘we communicate our thoughts and feelings to our family members, friends and colleagues every hour of our life. To be human is to communicate, communication is composed of interactions among many other elements and it is an ongoing process.’ Elements of communication comprise of the source of communication being the person who speaks or communicates by way of writing or encodes the message. The message is then sent through the message carrier which is the instrument used in communication then the message is received by the receiver who decodes the message. What follows is the response or feedback given by the receiver. These elements of communication have a great impact on individual behaviour in managing organisational behaviour, because if any of these elements are not clear or vague the communication process will be interrupted. The elements of communication play a vital role for effective and efficient communication and for the sole purpose of this assignment, the pages that follow discuss the ‘DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION AND EFFICIENT COMMUNICATION.’


differences between effective and efficient communication

Efficient communication is brief, straight to the point and time limited while Effective communication is not really limited by time as it includes a lot of verification and validation , Northridge( 2010 ). Communication between animals is very simple, birds sing to attract a mate, Dogs bark to scare off an intruder, cats purr to show pleasure. The messages are basic and there is little room for miscommunication. The messages are understood and they are accepted or not. Human Speech has evolved to 2700 languages across the world and the Oxford English Dictionary lists 500 000 English words, Still humans have trouble communicating. The question of the difference between effective communication and efficient communication has become a common topic in sales and business communication were both time and impact are money. Analysis has been made on how to best integrate the two conceptual fruits which are frequently at odds. 3


All human interactions are a form of communication. In the business world nothing can be achieved without effectively communicating with employers, employees, clients, suppliers and customers. Mc pheat ( 2012 ). Effective communication occurs when a desired effect is the result of intentional or unintentional information sharing , which is interpreted between multiple entities and acted on in a desired way. This effect also ensures the messages are not distorted during the communication process. Effective communication should generate the desired...

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