Communication and Spiritual Needs

Topics: Communication, Infinitive, Graphic communication Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: March 12, 2007
You Cannot Not Communicate.

Communication can be defined as the exchange of ideas, opinions and information through written or spoken words, symbols or actions. With that definition in mind let us now discuss why it is impossible for humans not to communicate. Firstly, it is impossible not to communicate as man is a multi-dimensional being that must interact. Furthermore, we cannot, not communicate as communication depends on the brain and its activities, which once alive is always active. Additionally, since man can only exist in a society, then he is bound by nature to communicate. Having stated three concrete, concise and crucial points, they will be explained, expressed and exposed.

Man, being a multi-dimensional being that must interact will find it impossible not to communicate. Every aspect of our lives whether, emotional, psychological, intellectual or social will call for communication on some level. There is a need to take care of our emotional, psychological and intellectual well-being, physical health and our spiritual needs. In order to address these needs we have to communicate. An individual's identity and persona is developed and brought out by our action and interaction with each other via communication. We are not all similarly motivated nor are we all compatible and it is only by way of association that we are able to positively identify with our suitable counterparts. Additionally, for those of us who are so cultured, our belief in the Superior Being, leads us to seek fulfillment of our spiritual needs. This satisfaction comes partly through association with other believers and through prayer, our way of communicating and sharing with God. One of the most controversial aspect of our life, it goes to show how our ability to communicate and think for ourselves leads to the formation, expression, acceptance and rejection of each other's personal opinions, and society has so molded some of us to so gracefully accept....
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