Anatomy final exam study guide

Topics: Vertebra, Vocal folds, Vomer Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: April 15, 2014

Final Exam Study Guide
*Which muscle contributes to bulk of vocal folds?
*How many breaths per minute does an adult intake at rest?
-12 to 18 cycles
*When the diaphragm contracts it is pulled in what direction? INFERIOR (DOWN)
*What do you need to do to VF stiffness to increase pitch?
-Increase stiffness
*Which joints sit atop of the cricoids cartilage?
little arytnoids –cricoarytenoids
*Volume of air exchanged in one cycle of respiration?
-tidal volume
*When you look inside the vertebral foramen what do you see? -spinal cord
*What attaches muscle(cartilage) to bone?
*what law states that the pressure can go from high to low? *What portion of the anterior velum does it attach to?
-horizontal plate of palatine bone
*What are the percentages of inspiratory and expiratory phases? Percentages during speech:
10% , 90%
Percentages: during quiet tidal breathing:
40%, 60%
*The vocal folds are superior or inferior to the false folds (ventricular folds)?

*if the accessory muslces of espiration contract chest cavity, volume? decreases
*Pars recta is part of the crycothyroid muscle pg193
*The spinous process of vertebrae is located on?
-The back (posterior)
*what is the outermost layer of the vocal folds?
*what is the innermost layer of the vocal folds?
*which muscle provides the most anterior posterior against post pharyngeal wall that lifts the velum? -levator veli palitini
*during regular phonation vf open&closes?
-bottom to top
*Burnoulli effect states that there is constriction of air flow , @the point of constriction the air flow decreases and velocity increases *which structures comprise the nasal septum?
-vomer and perpendicular plate of ethmoid
*to what part of the vertebrae do the ribs attach to?
*how many ribs do we have?
12 pairs of ribs (24)
*which type of joint contains lubricating substance?
-synovial joint...
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