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are referred to or abbreviated as C1-C7 for the cervical vertebrae; T1-T12 for the thoracic vertebrae; L1-L5 for the lumbar vertebrae; S1-S5 for the sacral vertebrae. The coccyx or tail bone does not have an abbreviation (Bridwell, 2012). Cervical Vertebra: Cervical vertebrae are the smallest out of the entire spinal column. The size is determined by the comparison of body of the vertebrae to the vertebral foramen or the area where the spinal cord travels through in the center of the spinal column...

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Case Study on Spinal Cord Injury

fetal life, the spinal cord is about the same length as the canal. After the third month of development, the growth of the canal outpaces that of the cord. In an adult the lower end of the spinal cord usually ends at approximately the first lumbar vertebra, where it divides into many individual nerve roots (L1).Spinal cord injury (SC) occurs when a traumatic event results in damage to cells within the spinal cord or severs the nerve tracts that relay signals up and down the spinal cord. The most common...

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Potts Dse

mycobacterium tuberculosis from other | | Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis | | The infection spreads from two adjacent vertebraeinto the adjoining disc space | | Back pain, Fever, Night sweats, Anorexia, Weight loss, and easy | | One vertebra is affected, the disc is normalTwo are involved; the avascular intervertebral disc cannotreceive nutrients and collapse | | Disk tissue dies and broken down by | | Vertebral narrowing | | Vertebral collapse | | Spinal damage | ...

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The Skeletal System

the hip joint is a very strong ball and socket joint which can carry a load many times in excess of the normal body weight, in sport an example of this would be a strike in football. Pivot Joint- The ring-like atlas vertebra fits over a peg on the axis vertebra allowing the head to rotate. A bony ring rotates round the pivot (axis) of another bone. For example the pivot joint in your neck allows you to turn your head from side to side looking for team mates or opponents in sports...

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Axial Skeleton Lab 1

Nucleus pulposus and the anulus fibrosus Structure of a typical vertebra. Body, vertebral foramen (collectively form the vertebral canal), spinous process, transverse process, intervertebral foramen, superior & inferior articulating facets Cervical vertebra (7). Atlas, axis, dens (aka odontoid process), and vertebra prominens (the spinous process of C7; a landmark) Thoracic vertebra (12). Resemble a giraffe. Lumbar vertebra (5). Resemble a moose. Sacrum. Five fused vertebrae (S1-S5), auricular...

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Hassan Story

the remains would be being able to determine if the sacral and coccygeal regions are fused. Determining at what stage fusing is would enable them to discern what an approximate age is. The other area of vertebra that can be examined is the nucleus pulposus. As one ages this area of the vertebra hardens. E. What features of the vertebral column would the larger skeleton in the sarcophagus show to indicate it was female? Measuring the length of the larger skeletons vertebral column will show...

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axial and appendicular system

vertebrae have a drum-shaped body (centrum) located anteriorly (toward the front) that serves as the weight-bearing part; disks of cartilage between the vertebral bodies act as shock absorbers and provide flexibility (see Fig. 3-11). In the center of each vertebra is a large hole, or foramen. When all the vertebrae are linked in series by strong connective tissue bands (ligaments), these spaces form the spinal canal, a bony cylinder that protects the spinal cord. Projecting dorsally (toward the back) from...

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Clinical Practice - Neck Pain

known as a herniated disc. Ligaments are the strong connective tissues that connect bones with one another. They are located immediately over the bones and discs originate and innervate with vertebrae and function to limit the movement of one vertebra versus another. Incidents that cause sudden movement of the neck along a common plane can cause injury to these ligaments otherwise known as whiplash. The injury can range from minor bruising to a complete tear or separation of the ligament from...

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Research Paper on Idiopathic Scoliosis

human body. The spine serves various purposes. It consists of about thirty- three separate bones called the vertebrae which come from the Latin word “to turn”. The Spine which is also known as the vertebra supports our weight, holds us in a vertical position and supports our body movements. The vertebra plays an important function by protecting the spinal cord and nerves as they connect to all the other parts of the human body. There are four separate curves in a normal spine. Each curve contains...

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A and P Lab 5

Appendicular Skeleton Purpose: What is the purpose of this exercise? Is there any safety concerns associated with this exercise? If so, list what they are and what precautions should be taken. To identify 3 main bone groups and describe different vertebra Exercise 1: The Skull QUESTIONS: A. Name the eight bones of the cranium. frontal bone, 2 parietal bones, 2 temporal bones, occipital bone, sphenoid, ethmoid. B. What function do the cranial bones serve? To protect the sense organs...

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