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An Outline of Media Research Methodology

By manasvi3110 Jan 13, 2013 512 Words
Research Approach
Inferential – form a database from which to infer characteristics or relationships of population •Experimental – greater control over the research environment, some variables are manipulated to observe their effect on other variables •Simulation – construction of artificial environment

It is concerned with subjective assessment of attitudes, opinions and behaviours •It is a function of researcher’s insights and impressions •Focus group interviews, projective techniques, depth interviews are used Steps in Research Process

Formulating the research problem
Extensive literature review
Developing of working hypotheses
Preparing the research design
Determining sample design
Collecting the data
Execution of the research design
Analysis of data
Hypothesis testing
Generalization and interpretation
Preparation of the report

1. Formulation of the Research Problem
First decide the general area of interest and then narrow it down •State the problem in a broad general way and then the ambiguities •Check the feasibility of a particular solution
There are two steps involved-
Understanding the problem
Rephrasing it into meaningful terms
Discuss with people, help of guide
Be specific in stating the problem

2. Literature Review
A brief summary of the problem to be written – synopsis •For this extensive literature survey to be done
Academic journal, conference proceedings, reports, books

4. Preparing the Research Design
Prepare a conceptual structure within which research would be conducted •Function of research design is to provide for the collection of relevant evidence within minimal expenditure of effort, time and money •Research design includes –

Means of obtaining information
Availability and skills of the researcher
Explanation of the way in which selected means of obtaining information will be organized •Time available for the research
Cost factor relating to research
5. Determining sample design
All the items under consideration in any field of inquiry constitute a universe or population •We select only a few items from the universe for our study purposes •The items so selected constitute what is technically called a sample • Samples can either be probability samples or non-probability samples •Probability – simple random, systematic, stratified, cluster/area •Non – probability – based on convenience, judgement, quota

6. Collecting the data
By observation, Through personal interviews, Telephone interviews, By mailing questionnaires, Through schedule •Researcher should select one of these methods of collecting the data taking into consideration the nature of investigation, objective and scope of the inquiry, financial resources, available time and the desired degree of accuracy 7. Execution of the project

Project should be executed in a systematic manner and in time •A careful watch should be kept for unanticipated factors •Steps should be taken to ensure that the survey is under statistical control so that the collected information is in accordance with the pre-defined standard of accuracy 9. Hypothesis testing

Do the facts supports the hypotheses or they happen to be contrary? •Statistical Test like chi square test, t –test, f – test are done •Hypothesis testing will result in either accepting the hypothesis or rejecting it 11. Preparation of the report or the thesis

Layout of the report should be –
Preliminary pages - title, acknowledgement, foreward, content page, •Main text – introduction, findings, conclusions
End matter – appendices, bibliography

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