A Woman Who Had an Impact in My Life

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A Woman That Had An Impact In My Life Essay

Women have been characterized as submissive, weak, and ignorant by man and the

Society itself. But Deborah Sampson has made all of those perspectives of woman false.

Her history and what she has accomplished made a big impact in my life, we have many

Things in common.

Deborah Sampson was born in Plympton Massachusetts on December 17, 1760.

Her youth was spent in poverty, as well as I she lived a poor life when growing up. Her

Father went off to the sea and left her with her mother and brothers but her mother was in

Poor conditions so she sends them with some relatives. I still recall the day when my

Father left us to come to America, I can relate to Deborah’s pain when her dad had to go.

She then started working hard on the fields that’s where she developed her physical

Strength after her servitude ended she went to school and learned enough to be hired as a

Public school teacher. When she was 21 she enlisted herself in the Fourth Massachusetts

Regiment of the continental army at Bellingham as a man named Robert Shurtleff. She was

Sent with her regiment to West Point New York were she was wounded in the leg with the

Fear that she might be discovered of her true gender she tended her own wounds. She

Inspired me to do my best even though I was raised in a poor environment. The way she

Had no fear of going off fighting with man knowing that she was a woman and could have

Been killed and the way she took cared of her wounds without no doctor help and had to

Suck in her pains is amazing her attitude is worthy of respect.

She was the first woman to fight on the army in the society were woman’s were the

Weak gender, were we were consider stupid without knowledge were our voice wasn’t

Heard, but Deborah Sampson with her strong attitude proved it wrong. That’s why she’s a

Model to be fallowed an example of women achieving what they put their...
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