Topics: Firearm, Woman Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: April 24, 2014
1.According to Hasselstrom, why does she carry a gun? In one sentence, summarize her rationale. - She carries a gun for self-protection, which provides a personal measure of safety for her. 2. List the specific events that led to Hasselstrom to her decision to carry a gun. -Living alone in a deserted area, being stopped on a bridge by 4 men, being harassed while camping with a friend, coming home one night when she thought that someone had been in her house. 3. Other than carrying a gun, what means of protecting herself did Hasseltrom try? Why did she find them unsatisfactory? Can you think of other strategies she could have adopted instead of carrying a gun? -Deodorant spray cans (since mace was illegal), kung fu classes (would have to practice several hours a day to be good, and very good at self-defense). -She was very careful about her surroundings, the only thing else I could think of would be getting a roommate or moving to a safer place. 4. Where is the essay does Hasseltrom express her reluctance to carry a gun? -In paragraph 25 when she says that “the pacifist inside me will be saddened if the only way a woman can achieve equality is by carrying weapons.” 5. In paragraph 13, Hasselstrom says "gun possession might increase your danger-unless you know you can use it." Where else does she touch on the possible pitfalls of carrying a gun? -In paragraph 26 "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." 6. What does Hasselstrom mean when she says, "The pistol just changed the balance of power "(24)? -That even though a man might be stronger then she is, she feels as strong as a man and more confident when she has her gun. PURPOSE AND AUDIENCE

1.How does paragraph 1 establish Hasselstrom's purpose for writing this essay? What other purpose might she have? -That she is a peaceful non-violent woman, but wants to justify why she carries a gun. 2. What purpose does paragraph 5 serve? Is it necessary?

-The purpose was to...
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