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Anne Boleyn

Oct 08, 1999 380 Words
Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn was a very important, if not the most important character in Anne of a Thousand Days. The way that she behaves, and the decisions that she makes, effect the way that the ends. For example, Anne could have refused to marry Henry, and could have run away. These actions and decisions would have dramatically changed the outcome of the story, and for that matter history.

Anne has many different personality traits which seem to change over time. At first she seemed rebellious. This characteristic emerged when Anne found out that King Henry wanted to marry her. Over time this rebellion slowly disappeared. Soon after Anne became completely consumed with the becoming the Queen of England. Alas, her second trait shows: lust for power. Last is love.

Love is the emotion that plays the most important role in the life of Anne Boleyn. Anne has many passions for many things in the course of her life. Her first love was with the court chancellor, it was abruptly ended when Henry decided that he had other plans for Anne's life. He carried out these plans by not allowing Anne to marry the man that she truly loved. Anne was bitter about this decision that she had no say in. Anne's second love was the love of being queen. Being queen seems to be one of her childhood dreams, which is understandable, because many girls dream of being a princess or a queen when they get older. Anne's final and strongest love was the love for her daughter. Elizabeth was the most important thing in Anne's life, and she would have done anything that she could for her daughter. For instance, she fought with Henry many times for the sake of Elizabeth, and the most important is that she chose death so that her daughter would have a better life.

Anne was a very respectable character for the most part. She was unselfish in the end by choosing to die for the sake of her daughter. She tried to stand up for herself as a woman in a male dominated society. Though she did not succeed in the end, she made a strong point that she would not be controlled by anyone but herself.

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