kisses from katie review

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Kisses from Katie is a book that has given me a different point of view on daily life. It has

showed me that if you fully rely on God, he will answer your prayers. It has also shown me how

lucky I am to have my wonderful, privileged life. Katie Davis is an amazing woman who has

made me realize all of this, and I hope to be half the person she is one day.

One of the major themes in this book is that if you fully rely on and trust in God, he

will be there to help you. Katie Davis relies on God for everything she does, and everything

she has wanted to do has worked, she is fulfilling her dreams. God wants you to completely

trust him, and if you do, he will be there to make sure that everything goes right, or how he

wants it to go. Trusting in God means having a good relationship with him, and Katie Davis

tells us that having a relationship with God is one of the most important things in your life,

even though most people do not realize it.

Another thing I learned from reading Kisses from Katie is how lucky I am. There are

so many other people in the world that would dream of having my life. The children in Uganda

are happy if they get one small meal a day. The parents can barely afford to pay $20 to send their

children to school, and we spend more than $20 every single day. We are so lucky to be able

to have everything we need, when others can barely survive.

Kisses from Katie has made me realize things about life that I haven’t before. Even

though the book may have been a tad repetitive, I enjoyed it. Katie Davis is truly a wonderful

person, and a great role model for anyone. She has made me think about my relationship with

God, and that I should rely on him more, and that even though I don’t think it all the time,

I have a great life and I’m lucky to be living it.
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