A Woman’s Attitude to Her Career Is Different to That of a Man

Topics: Woman, Gender, 21st century Pages: 4 (1190 words) Published: January 10, 2013
“A Woman’s Attitude to Her Career is Different to that of a Man”. Discuss

In a society full of diversity, why should a woman’s attitude differ to that of a man’s? Especially when it comes to a career? Of course, in the 1960’s, women didn’t really have a choice. Simple stereotypes of a 1960’s housewife…cook, clean, look after children. A woman, who experienced the life of a typical 1960’s housewife, shared her daily routine with the World Wide Web. Diane M (Yahoo, 2010) stated that her and her husband “had two little (children) so most of (her) time was spent chasing toddlers, cooking, shopping, cleaning, washing and ironing”. However, in the late 1960’s came about the Women’s Rights Movement. Equal employment rights, the right to vote, the right to own land. With the modern day, also comes freedom. Freedom to do what we like, freedom to find inspiration, and of course, freedom to find that dream job. Stereotypical perceptions of women are that commitments and responsibilities are different to men. Here, this essay will discuss whether or not certain factors affect a woman’s attitude toward her career, and how a man’s ‘freedom’, apparently, means that they can pursue any career.

In the late 20th century up to this day, the economic climate has fluctuated drastically. Living standards have certainly increased, with the gap between the rich and the poor forever increasing too. Prices for essential goods have risen due to inflation. So what does this mean for the average working and middle class families?

Being a man, it has always been expected that they must ‘put food on the table every evening’ and pay the utility bills every month without fail. But time has gone by and most certainly, the way we work as a family has changed dramatically. Now women feel the need to take on roles such as the bread winner. A new motivation for women has perhaps allowed them to seek pastures new, and give them a sense of ambition to create a...

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