A View from the Bridge: the Final Scene

Topics: All My Sons, Feeling, Audience Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: September 18, 2011
A view from the bridge-

The final scene of act one is important because Eddie loses his power to Marco who is an immigrant. In this scene it is the highest point of tension. It is the climax. This play is a tragedy and a traditional tragedy always has climax in the middle which this play has, because it has its turning point in the middle, it fits into the structure of ‘tragedy.’

The audience may feel tension and start questioning about Eddie’s further steps. Arthur Miller uses dramatic irony which builds up tension and suspense towards the reader. The audience might wonder who gets the power next. The audience may think anyone can gain the power now because Eddie, the main character lost it.

In this scene it reveals the conflict between the characters. It also reveals Marco’s character and true feelings in detail. It shows and builds tension between the characters. This scene shows Marco’s true feelings towards Eddie. Marco obviously didn’t like the way Eddie was acting towards his brother Rodolfo. This scene reveals more hatred and becomes clearer that Eddie dislikes Rodolfo. Although Marco has been acting good towards Eddie, he still kept that loyalty towards his brother Rodolfo.

The first act of ‘a view from the bridge’ finishes on a cliff-hanger. In this part of the scene the tension breaks bit still makes the audience stay connected with the play. It makes the audience wonder what’s going to happen next which makes the audience read on and stay engaged with the play. Arthur Miller uses contrast to present the two brothers from Italy. The two brothers are complete opposites. I think Arthur Miller includes these two characters to show Eddie’s point of view on being masculine and feminine. Arthur Miller makes Eddie a traditional masculine man. He is powerful and straight away the audience know he is the man of the house. He is a father-figure towards Catherine. This tells us that not only is he powerful, he has love towards his family. I think...
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