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All My Sons

All My Sons In this first final exam paper, I am going to discuss the lessons I learned from All My Sons, as well as the plot, themes, characters, sets, lights, and costumes. All of these are major aspects for creating a theatrical vision for obvious reasons. I plan on furthering the reasons during the rest of this paper. While highlighting the reasoning for these important aspects of theater, I want to make it clear that these elements are clear throughout whatever play, musical, etc. that is...

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All My Sons

Battle Scars Where there is conflict, there are always victims that remain strongly impacted. Every human who has stepped foot on this earth has been victimized by something, whether it be painful or pleasant. Arthur Miller’s American tragedy, All My Sons, deals with the American Dream of material wealth leading to contentment. This drama was written so that every character became a victim of loss in some way or form. The conflict that put these normal, everyday citizens into terrible circumstances...

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All My Sons

All My Sons The play All My Sons, by Arthur Miller, is complex to say the least. Each character has a dilemma that they have a tough time getting through. At first, the story seems to basically be about a wealthy family that has lost a son in World War II, and the inability to move on from it. Kate, the mother, has the most trouble accepting it, but it also greatly affects the one of the characters, Chris. Chris is the son of Kate and Joe Keller, heir to Joe's business . Kate, Joe, Anne, and...

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All My sons

All my sons The structure of the play The play has two narrative strands which finally meet. These are: Chris's and Ann's attempt to persuade Kate that Larry is dead, so they can marry. Joe wishes to support them, but sees that he cannot; the attempt by George, then by Chris, to find out the truth of what happened in Joe's factory in the autumn of 1943. A slip of Kate's tongue tells George of Joe's guilt, but he leaves without persuading Chris. Chris and Ann insist on marrying and Joe...

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Hamlet vs. All My Sons

although people may think women are all alike, they are most definitely not. Kate Keller of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons and Gertrude of Shakespeare’s Hamlet are both very different characters who share but very few similarities throughout the two plays. Ones knowing of their partner’s crime committed, one’s action of lying, and their different levels of intelligence, all prove that the two women are both different. Incorporated in both Hamlet and All My Sons, are mysteries. In Hamlet of course...

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All My Sons: Like or Dislike?

All My Sons: Like or Dislike? "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller is one of the first dramatic plays or stories that I have read and truly enjoyed. Written and set in 1947, I wasn't sure what to expect but as I began reading, it became quite the page turner. Arthur Miller, being a prominent figure in American theater and playwright, has a unique style of writing that seems to capture all aspects of a good story in a manner that's not only easy to read but also quite intriguing.1 In this play in particular...

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All My Sons Essay 1

All My Sons The play ‘All My Sons’ by Arthur Miller is a very twisted play in which Miller makes our attitude towards the central character –Joe Keller- change several times. Set against the context of mid-west America in 1947, Arthur Millar’s ‘All My Sons’ tells the tale of Joe Keller a sixty one year old business man who supplied the army with plane parts. One lot of parts came out one day and Steve Deever, Joe’s business partner found out that the cylinder heads they were defaulted. Steve...

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All My Sons: Larry's Presence

space in this somewhat whole picture. Let’s think All My Sons for a second, Larry’s absence is like the missing puzzle piece, and although the picture looks almost complete, its not and never will be until that piece is filled in. But what happens if you loose the piece? Then you move on, don’t let the past haunt you, but rather accept it as motivation to guide the way for your future. So in other words, you buy a new puzzle and start fresh. Larry, son of Joe and Kate Keller, has been physically absent...

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'All My Sons' Critical Essay

'All My Sons' Critical Essay Choose a play in which a character makes a crucial error. 'All My Sons', is a post-war American drama, written by the highly respected, award winning dramatist, Arthur Miller. The drama concentrates upon the life of a businessman, Joe Keller, who, at one time, by a whisker, averted business dilapidation due to the distribution of cracked cylinder heads to the Air-force, resulting in the deaths of 21 pilots, and indirectly, but ultimately the death of his son. However...

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Analysis of All My Sons by Arthur Miller

in “All My Sons”? I think that Arthur Miller tells us about responsibility, how we should be responsible and not blame it on other people, also how your responsible, the importance of family, how money affects people and war. On Page 49 Joe Keller describes the importance of family, he says “see...this is what I mean. you get older and, you want to feel that you accomplished something. my only accomplishment is my son.” this shows how much Joe Kellers family means to him and how his son is...

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