EAL essay It is Eddie Mabo s flaws as much as his strengths which explains his achievements

Topics: Eddie Mabo, Murray Island, Queensland, Torres Strait Islanders Pages: 2 (1171 words) Published: June 1, 2015
It is Eddie Mabo’s flaws as much as his strengths which explains his achievements

The film ‘Mabo’ directed by Rachel Perkins, is a triumphant account of Eddie Koiki Mabo’s strengths, determination and his historical battle to have Indigenous ownership of Australian land. Although he does not have a perfect personality, in some cases, his defect still helps him a lot. Because of his intolerance, he is always energetic to fight for his goal; because of his idealism, he always believe his own values and beliefs; because of his stubborn characteristic, he finally finishes his decade long battle. Eddie’s unique personality is one of the important factor which leads to his achievements.

Eddie is an agitated people which becomes the fundamental for his historical battle. Through the film, we can clearly see that Eddie is very easy to be outrage by anything which challenges his ‘pride’ in his mind even includes his family but not just the discrimination from the white society. Eddie always shows his activism through many overt behaviors which even affect his own family for example the night when he is been lock up because of his single protest with a sign ‘I’m not leaving here till I get a drink’ after he was kicked out the bar as an Indigenous people which he is proud of. The following day he quits his job because ‘they cut my [his] pay. Put me [him] on the shore with a stinkin’ sledgehammer’ although he was just locked up for whole night yesterday. His agitation and careless brings many troubles includes both ways of incomes and family relationship to his family, making their happiness on the blink of destruction. There has a very impressive scene which clearly portrays Eddie’s anger to his wife Bonita Mabo which leads her to leave just because she asks to go to toilet when Eddie is grumble about his case although she already listens to him for hours. As a husband and father, he is not good enough, however, his goal will less possible to achieve if he is a...
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