A View from the Bridge: The Dramatic Importance of the Boxing Scene between Eddie and Roldolpho

Topics: Tragedy, Tragic hero, Drama Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: March 16, 2013
The dramatic importance of the boxing scene between Eddie and Roldolpho The story, A View from the Bridge is set in America and it talks about a longshoreman, Eddie. He has kindly let two of his relatives who are illegal immigrants from Italy stay in his house. The boxing scene in Act 1, episode 5 of the play is of dramatic importance as it reveals the tension between Eddie and Rodolpho, one of the illegal immigrants. The scene highlights the different views and relationship of the two women towards Eddie as he is starting to resemble a tragic hero and is on his path of self-destruction and downfall. It also emphasizes the growing importance of Marco’s role which eventually leads to the climax at the beginning of Act 1.

Arthur Miller uses the boxing scene to highlight the conflict and tension between Eddie and Rodolpho as the play unfolds. This is conveyed through the actions, dialogue and stage directions displayed during the scene. As Eddie is teaching Rudolpho how to box, the stage directions states that he “feints with his left hand and lands with his right”, Eddie uses the idea of boxing as an excuse to wound Rodolpho and to assert his position as the alpha male in the house. “It mildly staggers him...” Eddie is starting to feel ignored and disrespected by the other members in the family so by doing this, he is able to prove how manly he is. Another action, “To Eddie, with a certain gleam and smile”, shows that Rodolpho knows exactly what is going on and with Eddie what he is subtly doing. However, Rodolpho can’t do anything to harm Eddie because he is living under Eddie’s roof and if he upsets him, all he needs to do is to make a call to the immigration bureau to deport them. This builds up the tension as Eddie is getting advantage of Rodolpho because he is under Eddie’s control. Rodolpho also senses that Eddie dislikes him.

The boxing scene is also important because of Marco’s reaction to the events, and his growing role towards the end of Act 1....
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