A Study on Employees Perception Towards Human Resource Practices

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The process of liberalization, globalization and the consequent competition made the business organizations to realize that the person with positive attitude on Human resource department have self commitment and motivation and are loyal to the organization.

Organisations having employees with positive attitude towards Human resource department will increase the effectiveness and the functioning will be successful.
For the successful functioning of my business organization, finance, machines, materials and manpower resources are essentials. Human resource practice deals with all the above mentioned.

1. Human resource alone can be creative. Every individual is blessed with certain creative skills that help him to bring out something unique. 2. Human resource alone can think and act. Man is capable of analyzing the situation before arriving at a conclusion. 3. The behavior of the human resource is also unpredictable. There exists no method by which a person can read the mind of another. 4. It is only the human resource that has created the other resources and not vice versa.

The most important elements that influence how employees view technological change within organizations are: formal advance notices of new technology, pre-existing job and power structure differences during the implementation of the changes, and work environment. Research on employees perception towards new technology in the work place are more strongly affected by organizational rather than technical factors as common thought, labour unions, contrary to popular belief, view technological change positively, and can be a contributing factor to the facilitation of change within the firm. Relationship is a basic need in any organization especially there should be a good understanding between employees and management, because it is the place where both the parties understanding to each other. This relationship can be formal, informal or a mixture of both which shows employees perception of human resources. Management refers to a group of people who have joined together and are working for the growth of an organization. An effective management team is important to the survival of an organization. The employee can be at any level, in middle management or executives in the staff level or the low level. All these persons working in any organization are called employees.

The researcher is convinced that there is a need for undertaking a study on “Employees Perception Towards Human Resource Practices”. The researcher finds out the relationship of the employees with the management. The researcher has to find out in depth whether the employees perception on human resource practice in the company is positive or negative. The researcher intended to study various factors which makes the employees to get into wrong perception on Human Resources.

The researcher has chosen the employees in TTK Health Care Pvt Ltd, as the respondents hence, the problem of the researcher can be briefly stated as Employees Perception on HR Practice.
The outcome of the research explains the positive as well as negative perception of the employees towards Human Resources.

This study will help to know how far the employees thinking about human resource department in the organization. The management may be thinking that they are providing frequency of welfare facilities and other programmes, benefits etc. But this study will help to know the reality of the situation. By knowing the reality the company could take adequate measures for the improvements in human resource department.

This study will help to make a way to further research on this topic. By this research the researcher could get to know how employees perception influences the Human Resources which help researcher in the future career.

To study the employees...
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