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➢ Stress is unpleasant, undesirable, and unwanted. It is highly individual.

➢ Stress is associated with demands & resources. Demands are responsibilities, pressures, obligations and even uncertainties that individuals face in workplace and resources are things within an individual’s control that can be used to resolve the demands.

Organizational Stressors:-

Organization faces stress because of some factors which can be categorized as under:

➢ Technological Changes: - When there is influx of new technology in an organization employees are not succumbed to change. And find it difficult to adapt. So the productivity is affected and there is pressure from the higher authority which leads to stress for the employees.

➢ Changed Lifestyle & Relocation of work:- In today’s world lifestyle is changing constantly and so is the needs and wants of an individual. In order to fulfill those needs individual goes beyond his or her capabilities and capacities which creates more stress. Even transfer of work place from one destination to other leads to higher stress because it takes time for an individual to adapt to change.

➢ Unexpected happening or changes in life: - Human life is always subject to change. These changes bring in stress.

➢ Overutilization of skills for new post: - If skills are over-utilized for a new post, then positive effects of this stress will be a promotion, but at the same time, the degree of strain has to be checked to balance stress.

➢ Psychological Hardiness: - It decides the level and capacity of a person to handle stress since it varies from individual to individual. Thus people having a high level of hardiness in handling stress are persons who know how to handle situations better and in a planned way so as to reduce the level of stress.

➢ Type of Personality: - As per the category Type A are people who have high level of commitment, are competitive, aggressive, and exhibit different behavior patterns. They desire to achieve. Such personalities are more prone to chances of stress and incompatibility. Type B are those who have a relaxed and balanced approach and are more confident in their approaches towards work. They are less acceptable to stress.

Effects of Excessive Stress:-
➢ Affects Individual Performance
➢ Depression
➢ Loss to Organization
➢ In India IT industry is at its booming stage, which in return gave birth to outsourcing industry. But this growth has brought in vulnerable stress level and health diseases into the country. Infosys Technologies Ltd., India’s second-largest software exporter, has a 24-hour hot line for employees suffering from depression to access psychiatrists. Eustress:-

➢ Hans Selve, an endocrinologist defined “Eustress” as stress that is healthy, or gives one a feeling of fulfillment or other positive feelings.

➢ It is a process of exploring potential gains.

➢ It does not have any unfavorable effects on our body

➢ It provides the desired balance by throwing away the negative stress.

Importance of Eustress:-

➢ It helps us to be more enthusiastic about our relationships, which leads to better personal life.

➢ As it is curative and pleasant stress, it is very important for a person to generate maximum performance and output. ➢ When personal & professional life is balanced it helps to get rid of chronic stress.

Factors Causing Stress:-
➢ Some of the major factors causing Eustress are:-
i. A new job design, rotation or enrichment
ii. Meeting or engaging in a challenge
iii. Heading a project/presentation
iv. Meeting time deadlines for best results
v. Promotion.

Eustress V/s Distress:-


An Optimum Balance:-
➢ Stress at optimum level is always desirable and necessary. ➢ In the absence of optimum stress, no requisite initiative to perform the task is undertaken by the individual and it is...
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