A Study Guide on Southwestern Asia and Northern Africa

Topics: Islam, Plate tectonics, God Pages: 1 (608 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Study Guide
Chapter 8. Southwestern Asia and Northern Africa.
1.Describe climate and vegetation of this region.
Hot, dry plains contrast with snow-capped mountain ranges and well watered river valleys. Dry climatic environments in which evaporation rates are greater than precipitation. They dominate virtually the whole region, the lack of cloud cover makes nights cool or cold and freezes are possible in the winter. Most places have irregular rains. 2.Describe landforms of this region.

High mopuntain ranges and extensive plateaus contrast with wide river valleys is more common to see bare rock than grassy or wooded slopes. Such landform differences are related to geological activity along tectonic plate boundaries of the African, Arabian and Eurasian plates What major rivers are located here?

What countries dothey flow through? What is the importance of water in this region? What is an oasis? 3.What empire controlled the region before European mandates? The empires of Assyrians, Babylonians and Egyptians How was this regiondivided during the time of mandates/ colonies? When did these countries become independent?

4.Describe population of this region. Analyze the map of population density in your textbook.  
5.What is the urbanization rate here? What country the most/ least urbanized in this region 6.Describe migration patterns within the region, in and out of the region. Why do so many guest workers in the Oil States come from predominantly Muslim countries worldwide? 7.What religions originated in this region? What religions can be found in this region today? Judaism was the first monotheistic religion, Christianity grew out of Judaism and the Islam emerged to become the dominant religion. All three diffused from their hearts in Southwestern Asia to Europe, Africa and Asia. 8.What languages are spoken in this area?

9.What is Islam? Muhammad founded Islam in Arabia, in Mecca and Medinaduring the AD 600. Islam means submission to the will of Allah and...
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