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Limousine France
Some traditional clothing in Limousin in the second half of the nineteenth century for women consist of black velvet ribbons on the wrist and bottom skirts. it also includes ornaments such as lace collars the paihole (La pailhole) is also worn with dresses. For men the clothing is very simple, it consist of black shoes with bridge blue trousers, white shirt with or without bib and a knot of black velvet around the neck.

Limousine is located in the centre west of France. It lies at the border of the Massif Central and the Basin of Aquitaine. The region is almost entirely an upland area. The lowest land is in the northwest region and the highest land is in the southeast rivers such as the Dordogne Vienne, Creuse and Cher. The greater part of the region is above 350 m. There are a lot of important regions that are well known for their high quality of water and for first rate fishing. Summer temperatures often exceed 32 °C  and have reached 42 °C Limousine has a damp and mild climate. Winters are long and cold in the higher areas, and snow is very common

Limousine is well know for their beef farming, the region is also a major producer of timber. Due to its rural location it is famed for its French Oak Orchards. The capital Limoges was once an industrial power and is still a leader and innovator in electric equipment. The Limousine culture has many delicious dishes, such as Fougasse Bread, Pan-Bagnat, and Paté Limousin.

The Occitan language is spoken in the three departments of Limousin, Charente and the Dordogne in the southwest of France. The first Occitan documents are in this dialect. The Boecis was written around the year 1000. Limousin is used by people over age 50 in. All speakers speak French as a first or second language. 
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