A Strategic Analysis of Ocean Park of Hong Kong

Topics: Strategic management, Marketing, Customer Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: February 18, 2014
How Would the Commercial Banks respond to Ocean’s park strategic plan? Was the park’s positioning strategy strong enough to win their confidence in the face of competition from Disneyland? SWOT Analysis

Strengths: Ocean Park has a number of strengths that enables it to capture opportunities fuelled by the needs of customers. Ocean Park’s strength is its strong brand. Ocean Park developed a reputation for providing educational and entertaining activities tied to environmental conservation. Its integrative brand communication implies its ability to provide diverse activities and features for the different customers. Those preferring outdoor activities can opt for the sea or land theme while those preferring indoor activities can select from a number of leisure activities provided by Ocean Park. The activities also cater to individuals and groups enabling Ocean Park to target various considerations. Its strong brand finds expression in the diversity and variety of educational and entertainment offers for a wide market segment. Weaknesses: Ocean Park is its degree of flexibility to changing market demand. Although, Ocean Park has made improvements as expressed through the introduction of various themes and features since 1994, there remains a wide room for improvement in this area of competence. This could be due to the non-profit structure of Ocean Park that limits its flexibility in responding to the competitive environment. The focus on public service could offset limited flexibility. Nevertheless, Ocean Park should build on flexibility to ensure sustainability through the ability to address changing needs in a timely manner. Another weakness is poor inter-linkages across the organisation to facilitate the sharing of feedback on customer needs not only directly from customers but also from the perspectives of employees based on their interaction with customers. Internal feedback on customer is weak. Opportunities: The opportunity open to Ocean Park is to...
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