Enviromental Issues

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Environmental Issues in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Environmental Issues in Hot Springs, Arkansas
There are environmental issues in every state in these United States of America along with every other country on this earth. I live in Hot Springs, Arkansas better known as Hot Springs National Park, it surrounds the north end of the city of Hot Springs with a population of 33,000 and though we don’t have too many environmental issues due to the fact that we are in a natural state and we try to preserve all of the natural resources that we can, we still face environmental issues because everyone can’t be forced to do their part to protect the environment and although some park boundaries are bordered by undeveloped forested lands, much of the park is adjacent to city streets and homes. The environmental issues that we are facing in Hot Springs, Arkansas is that these areas are subject to air pollution, trash dumping ,exotic plants, and animal species. The park is an island of green in the developed downtown area that many tourist and locals come to see on a daily basis. This becomes a environmental sustainability issues because as people are educated some on how to prevent pollution, they haven’t been educated on how to use resources efficiently, this is an obvious fact because although the water from the hot springs are free, people stock up with enough of it to bathe a whole family for weeks and it’s understood that water is a renewable resource but we must live within the limits that lets this renewable resource regenerate for future needs. The environmental issues that affect the Hot Springs National Park area have an affect on everyone and every living thing that lives in the town because if there were a shortage of water the whole town would have a huge problem to face. Pollution reduces toxins into our air and water which would be considered unsafe for the human and animal species because the toxins can cause bodily harm to humans and if we don’t...

References: Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality retrieved from http://www.adeq.state.ar.us/compsvs/webmaster/databases.htm
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