Coral Divers Resort Case Study

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Business Description
Coral Divers Resort (Coral) is acting since 10 years on the niche industry of a rapidly growing sport scuba diving in the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. The company belongs to Jonathan Greywell family's who found this niche by creating short weekend and midweek diving ventures, a service that intrigued the public, both single and families. Coral Divers Resort has targeted the aficionado diver, and the tyro, both of which want maximum diving pleasure for minimum expense, having the advantage of accomodation at a beachfront location. Due to the economic crises and to the changes of people behaviours the resort starting to be confronted with loss in financial performance, but even when it was a good time for the diving industry they had rich a profit only in a range of 2%. So, the company should reasses the strategy and to take immediatly action in order to became a succesful business and to generate a good return of investment (10%). The management should choose if the strategy will be focused on a business more family-oriented or adventure oriented, or if they can combine both.

Coral’s Divers Resort Competitive Environment
The competition is very high in the region having 26 officials diving operators in Bahamas and 8 „live-aboard“ dive boats programs offering. Most of the resort are well known for their high quality services and the brand arweness and recognition is present between the groups of tourists who chosse to dive in this area. The capacity and additional services offeres by the hotels for the wide range of revenues makes the competition even harder founding resorts with prepaid activities and opposite the independently one which operate by low deposit. The product differention makes the difference between the market players. Rascals family offers a variety of place and programs: it can be choosen Bahamas or Mexico with a flexible program (launch included or not, transfer from the airport,...
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