A Sorry State? - Article Anaylsis

Topics: Australia, Norfolk Island, United States Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: May 24, 2012
A sorry state?
Article analysis
In the opinion piece, A sorry state? Written on 2nd of august 2007, Professor Janice Stevens opposes in an alarmed and critical tone that the treatment of David Hicks in Guantanamo Bay is a violation of human rights and that Australia’s response only shows that other citizens should be scared of themselves being held in such a state. In a sophisticated style the article addresses at an educated adult audience, or to those who are concerned about the treatment of their fellow citizens. Placed effectively on the page the image by Bentley, positions the reader to grasp a greater understanding of the point put across in the article. As the image already looks like David Hicks, the frowned, angry and confused expression on his face convinces the reader to feel sympathy towards Hicks. The Australian flag that is tight over hicks mouth and the stubble beard can suggest two things one that Hicks has suffered through so much that he could of died, and that Australians don’t speak for themselves they just follow with leaders such as united states, hence the American flag being above the Australian flag this suggests America has higher power. Both hicks eyes and mouth covered can propose that the American and Australians shut hicks up not letting him speak for himself to anyone it also suggest that he was hardly aloud to see anyone. The use of pun, a play on words in the headline A sorry state? Represents a number of things such as the remorseful of the situation, the treatment of Hicks or the state of which the Australian government found them in. The impact of phrasing the headline as a question is the use of a persuasive technique which positions the reader to agree by assuming their answer will be same as the writers. Stevens shows a feeling of concern of hick’s treatment by the US military by using the emotive language ‘barbaric’ to alarm us that he is an Australian citizen and his mistreatment should be unacceptable. She also tells...
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