“a Sick Man Appreciate a Crown of Health”

Topics: Human, Health, Medicine Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: November 15, 2011
I used to believe that being young means being healthy. Good health is a full-time commitment to preventative maintenance and that doesn’t mean that aging less than thirty makes you have the freedom to abuse your body. Majority of people don’t care about health while they still have it. Most of the time, they only appreciate when their bodies start to deteriorate and fail to function effectively.

Demographics have shown us that, as a society, we are living longer and that only fifty percent of our health is a result of our genetic background. We should be envy of our grandparents because they lived a "ripe old age" and we being irresponsible human beings will never have the chance to live the same way.

I really can’t understand those people to who tend to take it easy when they find out they have diseases. The general attitude in our society appears to be "Why attempt to be healthy? Because of the development in technology and medicine, people tend to be dependent on doctors to heal them as if they were cars that need to be brought to a “talyer” and return almost brand new. We are not machines, were not fixable every time a screw falls off, or refillable when we run out of gas and definitely we are irreplaceable. It’s impossible to be the same person after being diagnosed with a disease.

Before we can appreciate health, we must first appreciate the diseases. Health, by definition and root, is a state of wholeness - soundness of any living organism; vigor of body and mind; freedom from defect or disease. The Egyptian proverb expresses the difference as "health is a crown to a well man's head, but no one can see it but a sick man."

Let’s face it! We only appreciate our health if we get sick. I’m so amused to see sick people making thousands and thousands of promises not to do this, to do that, change their attitude, be religious and all sorts of stuffs just for them to be cured. Why didn’t they do it in the first place? Why do they need to get sick...
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