A School for My Village by Twesigye Jackson Kaguri

Topics: Uganda, High school, President of Uganda Pages: 2 (923 words) Published: April 4, 2013
The book is expressing a concern to meet the needs of education in a country that lacks quality education. Jackson Kaguri saw a need and along with the help of some faithful supporters made a reality out of a dream. The book had me sitting on the edge waiting to see if it was going to be a success or a failure. There were times I felt sympathy for the people of Uganda because of all the sufferings that they endure. I loved how Jackson helped whoever came before him just as he saw his brother tending to the people’s needs. I felt sympathy to know that there are those people who still shun the help that’s offered like the kid Olivia, who did not want to attend another school. I also felt sad for those who wanted to learn but had HIV like Scovia. There were those that showed promise like Eva and Fiona. Jackson was supporting students with his personal finances even when times were tight at home. Building the Nyaka School helped Jackson Kaguri find a purpose for his life. All his studies and education was preparing him for this particular part of his life. He said “We are the ones with a choice. We can ignore the problem and let these children become victims of neglect and abuse, or we can save them, one child at a time. We are the ones who must rescue our communities. We are the ones who have the opportunity to save these children. God has given us this chance and we must make the most of it.” Building the school also got other projects started that benifited the whole community. In February 2005 two professors came to Nyaka and took an interest in Dennis’s gravity fed water system. This system was initially built for the school but others saw how it could benefit the whole community. The School itself brought about changes no one expected in the community. There was a night watchman that Taata hired that not only gave the man a steady means of employment and income but it had instilled in him a sense of pride in protecting a valuable part of the community When...
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