How Does It Feel to Be a Problem ?

Topics: It Was Written, Arab, Iraq Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: August 27, 2010
How does it feel to be a problem ? is a book addressed to everyone,but particularly to those who think that America is the land of care-free young adults who have nothing to worry about.Being Arab in America has never been easy. Being young Arab living in America is quite something. When I first laid eye on the book,which was given to me by my great English Dr. Sameer Ismaeel, Al-Najah university,I thought it was another book of how miserable Arabs are in the United States.These stories are fimiliar in the Arab world.People are divided into two categories,those who glorify America and make it the dream land of everything.And,those who tare it apart and only see rape,drugs and carelessness.Genuinely,both are incorrect,as America is just another land and another society with all what that means from the good to the bad. I started flipping throw the pages,and not surprisingly I stumbled upon words such as "too religious,""terrorism,""muslim""anti-arab,""anti-american," and the the alike.It's not that I deny the problem,or even lessen the matter,but all I wanted was a fresh read in my short vacation and the book seemed quite disappointing. However,taking the book form my doctor,I had to read it."What if he asks me about it?" I would get confused and say it was "amazing",something so abviously dumb and so clearly showing my ignorance.So,as sliy as I can be,I started reading the book out of possible,unlikely future embaressment.And for that,I thank God! The truth is,I couldn't stop reading it until I finished the last page.It's a very good book,greatly written and beautifully organised.It's fresh,original and up to your expectations.The book is not about ploitics nor is about religion.The key word in the whole book could be "youth",or maybe even "life",something eveyone can relate to . The book is written in 9 chapters as I like to divide it.A preface,an introduction to why the author,Moustafa Bayoumi,wanted to write such a book.Reading thourgh the...
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