The phantom tollbooth

Topics: The Phantom Tollbooth, Norton Juster, Friendship Pages: 4 (1441 words) Published: February 26, 2014

The Phantom Tollbooth
The Phantom Tollbooth is a novel and fairy tale by Norton Juster. The story is about there’s one a boy name Milo, he never know what to do with himself. He always is bored at school and home. Everything he does is always a waste of time. One day Milo open envelope and it say one genuine turnpike tollbooth. So he built a tollbooth in his room, and he had a map that colorful with different road names. Then he imagine with his toy car, suddenly he found himself on a road he never seen, going to a place he never heard of and all because of a tollbooth which change from nowhere. The first place he ever went to expectations and he saw a good friend call a Watchdog but his name is Tock. Tock was really happy when he saw Milo. Tock wanted to travel with Milo through Island, so when they get out of expectation, they headed to Dictionopolis. After all they been through, Milo met many strange people he been through a quest to rescue rhyme and reason. In fact, it’s exciting beyond his wild dream. When he look back in his room and his dream, he learned more about life and better thing to do and he never wasted his time again. The theme of this book is education is a key to be successful in life. Milo is a little boy that he travels in his imagining journey. Through all experience he went, he learned many things in his life, and he learned many lesson for himself. Learning is a thing but he also learns how to apply what he learned in his life. It is important for him to learn new things in his life because it will help him to be successful in his life. Another theme in this book is something mysterious come to life may help to change the way you think. A tollbooth mysteriously appears in a boy’s room. He is imaging his way through Island learning about a quest to rescue rhyme and reason. The boy realizes something astonishing. His life is far from dull. It’s exciting beyond his wildest dream.

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