A raisin in the sun study guide

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Act I, Scene 1
(1) In what city does the play take place?
The play takes place in Chicago’s south side.
(2) The living room setting seems overtaken by weariness. Name two details that suggest this. -Crocheted doilies and couch covers hide the worn upholstery. -Tables or chairs are placed over the frayed carpet.

-Carpet is dull and faded.
One small window allows in the only light in the small apartment. (3) Two references are made to a check early on in the play, one by Walter and one by Travis. How does Ruth react to each of these references?

When Walter asks if the check has come yet, Ruth is annoyed with the question and tells him that it is not supposed to come until the next day. Travis then asks if the check is coming the next day, and Ruth tells him to get his mind off the money.

(4) According to his mother, why is Travis getting so little sleep? Travis gets little sleep because Walter is hanging out all night in the living room with his friends, and the living room is also Travis’s bedroom.

(5) What plan has Walter, Willy Harris and Bobo been figuring out? They would like to buy a liquor store for $75,000. Each would contribute $10,000 to the down payment of $30,000.
(6) Why is Walter upset with his wife’s reaction to the plan? He says that Ruth ignores him and his dreams and pays little attention to what he says. (7) What does Walter want from Ruth?
He wants her to support him and his dreams, listen to him, encourage him, and make him feel like a man.
(8) What does Walter mean when he says, “We one group of men tied to a race of women with small minds?”
He feels that African-American women do little to stand up for and support African-American men. (9) What is Walter’s job?
He is a chauffeur for a rich white man.
(10) How would you describe the tone that Beneatha uses with her brother? She is sarcastic and nasty when she speaks to him.
(11) Why is Walter upset with...
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