A Rainy Day Essay 2

Topics: Traffic, Weather, Transport Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: February 19, 2010
It was a grim and chilly Friday evening. The sky was darker than usual. Clouds were clustering above my head and it looked as if it was going to rain. Wind howled monstrously as the trees which had been stripped bent their legs, overwhelmed by the strong wind. It was six o’clock in the evening, just the beginning of rush hour. A glass door of an office building burst open as a crowd of square-eyed office workers strode out. Within minutes, the street was packed with people rushing back home from work. The originally wide and spacious road seemed to have shrunk. Some pedestrians were forced to walk on the vehicular road because the narrow pavement simply could not fit in so many people a time. The pace of the people was unbelievable like an Olympic walker. Vehicles shuttled between streets and avenues as more and more people came streaming out from different blocks. The traffic lights flashed green and almost at the same time, a few dozen people sprinted across the road, desperately wanting to reach the bus stop which was a few meters away. Those who managed to stand in the front of the queue stood triumphantly, with a look of relief on their faces as a bus slowly appeared at the corner of the road. Others who were at the back or even just in the middle of the long queue waited impatiently, constantly glancing at their watches. People were still coming out. Several young ladies skidded out a building promptly, eager to reach home as quickly as possible to get dressed up for the Friday night rave they were going to have. A woman in suit with her high heels at least 5 inches high climbed into a cab agilely and zoomed off as if she could not bear another second in this place. The traffic was terrible. Cars were stuck in the same position for ages and the whole transportation system seemed to have collapsed. Restless honk from cars could frequently be heard. I could see through the transparent windows on the cars the deep frowns on the drivers’...
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